Thursday, July 30, 2009

past anime 09 S-cry-ed

Ok Ill start off saying im having a hard time remembering every little detail so it wont be as detailed as some of my past post. This is also one of the few animes i watched dubbed which made it kinda hard for me at times since some of the voice actors were terrible but I some how go through it so its dubs arent the worst but imo go with the subs if your going to watch this.

So what is it about? Well this crazy geographical phenomen happened and after it new borns in that area gain an ability that lets me take matter around them and change it from thought and will. So this area became too hard for the government to control. So outside the only city it was like a lawless area where the people with this ability (alter users) were basicly in control. Although that changes when a organzation called HOLY from the city comes. This organzation is made up of alter users that decided to live in the city and work to making the area more peaceful. So they go and round up alter users that are using their powers to cause problems.

Well I did enjoy it myself but it wasn't anything amazing I thought. Although im not saying its not good. It was a little slow at first but it pick up pretty quickly so that part isn't too bad. The characters are pretty well made as well so that was a good part of the anime. Overall its a pretty good anime so if you think you might like it go ahead and watch it.

Personal Rating: 3.5
Rating: 4

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