Tuesday, July 28, 2009

past anime 08 Gundam 00

OHHHHH A GUNDAM FINALLY!!!! Some of you might not know but im a HUGE gundam fan (watched all of them besides turn a and last half of V gundam). Normally I only really like U.C. gundams and any non U.C. gundam I look down on BUT Gundam OO is a exception its up there with ZZ and 0083 for me. As with clannad I will be doing season one and two together in the same post. One thing special about this gundam for me is that it is the first one that I watched as the episodes came out (well with season two not season one).

I'll start with a comparison of older gundams to this one. It doesn't have many similarities of any other gundam but it has some with Seed, wing, and Zeta. Which is only really their gundams, a small part of season twos plot, and kinda the pilots. It's kinda similar to gundam seed where each gundam is specialized for a certain job and its like pilots are kinda like Wing since each is very diverse, while not being in the military as well. The plot in season two is similar to Zetas just mostly because a Titan like organization comes to be and the gundam pilots fight it.

The story actually is in our time line and the nations are all still the same besides that most of the nations are divided basically in three factions the Union (basically north/south america+japan and Australia), the AEU (all of Europe) and The Reform League (basically most of asia). The reason for everyone joining factions of close regions is because fossil fuels ran out so they had to come up with a new way to get energy. Which they did by making a orbital ring of solar energy cells and the energy is transferred down three orbital elevators each one for each faction. So what about the nations not in a faction? well their mostly shit
of luck so they cause wars with a faction. So humanity is always doomed to fight each other BUT that's when the gundam pilots come in they believe they can end conflict and a 3rd party with their own over whelming force. They launch attacks against war starting nations and basically destroy their military then leave. Since the technology used in the gundams is several generations ahead of the worlds current military its not even fair. How you ask is it so advance? Well their gundams their automatically better!! (lol) The reason is a long time in the past a scientist decided to go to Jupiter (anything from Jupiter is over powered in gundam. they creators always love it for some reason O.o) and do research on something called the GN drive which is what makes the gundam so powerful. So thats the basic story for the first season, season two happens 4 years after the last battle in season one. The pilots in this time become much more muture and are more sure of their reason to fight. Also the fighting is quite as one sided as it was at the start of season one, which I like alot. By the way I liked season two alot more then season one.
So what did I think of it? Well some might think i might be a bit bised as I am a huge gundam fan BUT in reality I am normally pretty hard on gundams like I dont like Wing, Seed/destiny, V and I refuse to even taint my eyes with Turn A. Now i might be biased it being a mech anime!! lol So anyways I LOVED IT. It is one of my favorite gundams although at the start I was worried it was going to be like Seed or Wing but no it did xD. Well with the first episode of the main character as a kid being a child soldier and watching his friend get killed and him running for his life with a assault rifle in his hands kinda shows from the start that its a very serious anime. Anyways as for the plot goes its good it kinda has this feel of were going to stop all wars which Im not really into that much but its not over done. For the speed of the anime, it was a pretty steady speed not really any wasted episodes. Their were some slow episodes but I could only really call them slow since I was having to wait for next week for the next one so the slow ones seemed slower then they really were. As it goes with character design for season one the characters were well done but some of them weren't that great but in season two those characters really jumped up and by then I liked all the main characters. Each having their own reasons to fight which they hold dear in their hearts which gives them strength to fight the enemies ahead.

Personal rating: 5
Rating: 4


  1. I have never seen any of the Gundams but I have been wanted to try one and see what I think. Im not a big fan of mecha anime... Code Geass was even a little too roboty for me... so I dont know if I will like Gundam!!

  2. yeah if you had problems with Code geass then idk if you would like any gundam im trying to think of the ones you would like the easiest i guess Wing, seed or 00 would be your best bets but im not too use about 00

  3. I would say SeeD. Also, Lock on... Lock on...