Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hetalia: Axis Powers

Axis powers is a historical comedy, playing on the stereotypes of nations and making fun of them. Each country is represent by a single character and that characters name is their countries name. Which personally I love it and find it funny as hell. It's set in WWI-WWII with Italy, Germany and Japan as the main characters. Some times they go back to countries pasts like Revolutionary war and Italy being conquered. Most of the time its there just to poke fun at nations but sometimes it has history about nations that you can learn about.

I personally love this anime I think its extremly funny and I enjoy the history tidbits. Although I love history and country sterotypes I also think is very funny sooo I might be a bit biased on this anime. With each episode only being 5 minutes long though watching all 26 that are out at the moment isn't that much of a waste of time. So thouse that want a good laugh and learn a thing or two they might not know about other countries might want to check this out. Their only 5 minutes (counting intro/credits) so watching them doesn't take much out of your day :D.

Personal rating: 4
Rating: 4