Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Past anime 07 Clannad+after story

So to start this off im just going to do clannad and clannad after story in the same post since their both the same story just differnt seasons and the after story is the after story of the visul noval which the anime is based off. So before I start anything else the visul noval was made from Key WHICH MEANS there are very sad parts in it like VERY because thats how Key rolls, they like making people cry. Now dont let that discourge you It is a really good anime and their are very touching moments and on top of that they have ALOT of comedy in it, well atleast in season 1.

So whats it about????? Its about japanese school life ZOMG!!! lol anyways thats aside Tomoya (yes i had to go to wikipedia to remember how to spell his name leave me alone) the main character is a delinquent and skips school alot and fights a lot. In his last year of school he some how gets six girls to all have crushs on him lucky bastard >.>. The female character types are pretty stantard with this type of anime/visuel noval. You have the sickly girl, the tra
matic past girl, the loli girl (perverted japanese >.>), the girl that beats the main character up, the shy girl, the homely/student conincel girl. So during the anime it shows how these girls help him to stop being a delinquent and how how shut off his heart is since for a long ass time as the girls throw themselves at him hes ethier like Eh? or too dense to notice. Also one of the best parts of the anime is his best friend Youhei Sunohara is really great comedic relif
for the anime.

So how did I like it? I really enjoyed it i thought it was really funny very touching at times. The characters were really well done. The only main problem I had was the main girl that he ended up with, I really didnt like her >.> but thats just me. As for season two I didnt really enjoy it as much as season one. It's more serious sadier and not as funny. Also it focus on the main chick that I dont like soooo yeah BUT alot of people did enjoy it alot so its not bad its just differnt.

Personal Rating: 4
Rating: 4

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