Wednesday, July 22, 2009

past anime 03 Aquarion

Ah Aquarion where should I start....well first off its really werid and the first couple of episodes are kinda confusing. It has the whole ZOMG ANGELS ARE ENSLAVING HUMANS OHHH NOESSS. So it was reminding me a lot of Evangelion but without the whole super emo stuff and
mind crazy stuff. Besides that it has this whole past life stuff that at first they dont really
explain it to you sofor awhile your left in the dark while trying to figure it out.For the story
it kinda goes like this the shadow angels enslave humans for source of food or power, they
dont really explain what it is they get from the enslave thingy or they did and I forgot but they
do need it. So one day Solar Wing one of the shadow angels goes to earth and falls in love
with a human and changes sides to fight the shadow angels and seals them away.
12,000 years later though they come back which is the time the anime is at.

So what do I think about the anime? To be honest I didnt like it too much. The beginning was hard to get into.
I only really got through the hard part because I didnt have anything else better to do. The characters I didnt
like the main main characters. My favorite were actually the minor ones. Apollo though is a pretty decent one
since hes so different but siliva(main girl) i hated through out the whole thing and her brother to.

For the combat it was pretty cool how it was different depending on the pilots at the time and what order they went in
but still I think more could have been done and some of the over the top moves just didnt make sense for a mech
to be able to do. It is a super mech series so its to be expected. Overall it wasnt anything special but wasnt too bad.

Personal Rating: 3
Rating: 3.5

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