Friday, July 24, 2009

Past anime 05 Toradora

WEEEE finally a anime I enjoyed alot xD. Yeah after doing Aquarion and glass fleet its a welcome change.
So what is it about you ask? It's a slice of life romance
comedy much like clannad but with less girls and the main
guy is a clean freak and likes a girl from the start.
Personally I liked it more the clannad, why you ask?
Part of it might be because I really didnt liked season 2
of clannad BUT, a large part of it is because this story
is more focused on just the main guy and main girl.
Instead of clannads jumping
around love intrests. Also
Taiga > Nagisa, much funnier of a character and not sickly.
Only problem with her is shes loli bait :( lol.

One of the major parts of this anime is how much they play
comedy in it and how they balance it with the drama and
romance. There was always a good balance never too
much or too little of one or the other, besides near the end
where the romance ofcourse is more the slant. The
characters are also amazing well made. None of their are you standard romance characters.
Sure some of them are similar to the standard character builds, like how Taiga is a loli but
instead of the normal energetic little girl shes the abusive kind and Ryuji although has the delinquent thing at the start he really isn't and a clean freak that does all the house work. So all that was refreshing and made it feel more realistic by having characters outside the norm. As for the story/plot I really enjoyed it and it had good pacing for anyone that remotely likes this kind of anime go watch it now it is really worth your time.

Personal Rating: 5
Rating: 5


  1. Hmm, I like the sound of this anime. Seems more -real-life type, which is just the way I like it. ^^

  2. ZOMG u watch a lot of anime! LOL

  3. lol im not even half way done BUT im starting to have problems remembering them...

  4. You still haven't done Last Exile, wtf is wrong with you. That's like your favorite of all time. Also yeah, this is really good anime.