Thursday, July 23, 2009

Past anime 04 Glass Fleet

YAY GLASS FLEET i've been really wanting to do this one for a long time!!!!..........not really in fact this is going to be painful. So how should I put it, well watching this anime was painful. I dont know how I was able to finish it. I guess I really didnt have anything else to do. What made me want to watch this was i was hoping it would be like banner of the stars BUT it wasnt really. The animations were good but combat was dry and the romance they put in it wasnt that good. On top of it the main villian liked little boys and it was very odd. Oh and the dubs are really bad so watch it sub if you ever are going to.

So the story goes like this the old empire ruling over their galxey falls and then its split into two so then the two halfs fight. The side with the guy that likes little boys wins. So then his side starts repressing the masses and elvating the noblity more so then a peoples rebellion starts and the story is focused on the leader of the rebellion. Theirs also a crazy fantical church in the anime as well just to add some flavor you know!!!

Sooo final thoughts if you have nothing else better to do and want a space anime with a guy that likes little boys and a girly guy main character about people trying to overthrow royality then go ahead if not their is alot better animes to waste your time on.

Personal Rating: 2
Rating: 3

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  1. Leave it to you to watch animes like these, Andrew.