Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Past anime 02 Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry

First off surprisingly this is a mech anime with a girl main character that is a serious. I know right its crazy!!! Which when I started watching it I didnt know if i would like that. Although at the time I didnt have much else to do so i gave it a chance and which i started to enjoy it. The only main problem i had with the main character is she had the japanese female problem of being obsessed with her older brother. You hear oni chan more times then you wish to hear in your life watching this anime because another chick in the anime is also crazy about her older brother. I know right its great!!...not really ANYWAYS besides that and a slight weirdness with a doll its a pretty solid 13 anime series.

Wee time for my favorite part explaining what its about....not really >.>. SOOO...(goes to Wikipedia to look up how to spell and remember names) Ralph Werec, Sara Werec's(main character) older brother leaves her to join the military and she gets all emo and cries and then when shes old enough joins the military to be a strain pilot. Which they use a werid system of control and movement system for mechs. its kinda similar to zone of the enders mechs in the fact they dont actually walk but more as float constantly and extremely nimble/fast. At her training base she is one of their best trainees which strain piloting runs in her family and has a good group of friends but then her base is attacked by the enemy and they find out that Ralph Werec changed sides and is the one attacking.(happens all in the first episode so im not spoiling anything) So Sara goes crazy and tries to find out why he did it and wants to stop him.

Overall it was a pretty good anime nothing really amazing but it is only 13 episodes and their isnt anything really wrong with it so no real reason not to watch it if your a mech anime fan but its low amount of romance and few comedy parts makes it harder for non mech fans to watch.

Personal Rating: 4
Rating: 4

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