Saturday, August 8, 2009

Past anime 13 Fate/stay Night

Ah Fate/stay night one of my favorite animes. It's about a secert magic war that happens in a area in Japan. It's called the Holy Grail War and the winner of the war gets the holy grail which will grant any wish the to winner. Seven magicans are in the war and each one of them summons a hero servant from the past, present or future. Their are seven class for the servants Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Berserker, Assassin, and Rider. Their can only be one of each class per Holy Grail War, so that makes it more balanced so each magican can play against the other classes weaknesses. The main character Emyia Shirou is a amateur magican and accidentally summons a servant and joins the war. Unlike most masters he treats his servant like a real human and is a very noble person not wanting to kill any innocent people. He fights to end the Holy Grail War so innocent people wont die and also for his servant that wants the holy grail.

I personally really liked it, the story is really well done and its flow is nicely done to. The characters are really nicely done and develop nicely. The romance is nice and a little touching at times. It's more focused on the story and characters relationships then action, so even people don't like alot of action might enjoy this. Personally I say even if your only mildy interested in this anime I think you should give it a shot it really is a good anime.

Personal Rating: 5
Rating: 4.5

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Past anime 12 Yukikaze

OK sooo you know the last post was a really nice easy to follow anime, well this one is almost the oppsite. It can be hard to follow at times and the main reason I think is because its based off novel and their arent enough episodes for everything. Anyways though for crazy dogfight action with a serious military story you cant get much better then this anime though, so people like me love it!! Another cool thing about it is that its actually a story where AIs actually are good and help the main character instead of trying to over throw humans.

So anyways what its about is aliens invade our planet through a dimensional portal. A couple of decades after that we push them back through the portal and follow them to their planet to fight back. Its a long bloody stalement of a war. The main character Rei Fukai is part of a speical operations recon group where he flies above the battles and collects data on the enemy seeing if they change tactics. His plane is equiped with a AI that knows Rei and the plane are in trouble and will take over to do humanly impossible moves to get out of a hostile situation. Rei and the AI Yukikaze form basicly a bond where they both trust each other with their lifes basicly.

Me personally I loved this anime but I know alot of people problemly wont or dont like it quite as much. This is a anime mostly targeted to a specific group of people. Now that isn't saying nobody else outside that group wont like. Some people that really enjoy sci fi novels I think might really enjoy the story since it is a really good solid story.
Personal Rating: 4.5
Rating: 3.5

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Past anime 11 Allison to Lillia

Sorry everyone for the really long delay. I some how lost 2-3 days in my mind dont know what happened there O.o.
Anyways Allison to Lillia is a simple nice anime with a good plot/flow. It takes place is a 1930s-1940s europe like place. The two main nations have been at war since before they could remember all over the stupid reason
of which country was first the two main characters are childhood friends that grew up together in an orphanige. The girl Allison is very loud and out going as where the boy Wilhem is quite and smart. It starts with Wilhem being at college helping teach a class when Allison shows up because shes on leave with the airforce. As they hang out then find something that isn't right and goes on an adventure to fix it!!

Well for me I enjoyed this anime alot. It was very relaxing, as in it was easy to watch the story wasn't too over done where you have to think but good enough to keep you wanting to watch more. The relationships between the characters is nicely done and is happy for the most part. So yeah if you want a nice easy to watch anime that wont make you sad heres a really good one xD. The only thing it lacks is that i think they should have another season

personal rating: 4
rating: 4

Saturday, August 1, 2009

past anime 10 Berserk

ZOMG BERSERK!!! A must see for anyone that likes sword combat and GARness. The story and characters are also very solid. Now if you have problems with gore though you problemly wont enjoy this anime that much.

The main character Guts is a mercerany and after he finishs a contract with his employer he leaves and gets attacked by a mercerany group called the band of the hawk which he beats back all their best people besides their leader Griffith, which then Griffith gets Guts to join them. The story then is about the mercerany group and how badass Guts is. One thing about it though is its story is from a manga but the anime only is a part of the manga so if you enjoyed this anime you should then read the manga afterwards.

btw i have no idea why i couldnt come up with much to talk about with this one

Personal Rating: 4
Rating: 4