Thursday, August 6, 2009

Past anime 12 Yukikaze

OK sooo you know the last post was a really nice easy to follow anime, well this one is almost the oppsite. It can be hard to follow at times and the main reason I think is because its based off novel and their arent enough episodes for everything. Anyways though for crazy dogfight action with a serious military story you cant get much better then this anime though, so people like me love it!! Another cool thing about it is that its actually a story where AIs actually are good and help the main character instead of trying to over throw humans.

So anyways what its about is aliens invade our planet through a dimensional portal. A couple of decades after that we push them back through the portal and follow them to their planet to fight back. Its a long bloody stalement of a war. The main character Rei Fukai is part of a speical operations recon group where he flies above the battles and collects data on the enemy seeing if they change tactics. His plane is equiped with a AI that knows Rei and the plane are in trouble and will take over to do humanly impossible moves to get out of a hostile situation. Rei and the AI Yukikaze form basicly a bond where they both trust each other with their lifes basicly.

Me personally I loved this anime but I know alot of people problemly wont or dont like it quite as much. This is a anime mostly targeted to a specific group of people. Now that isn't saying nobody else outside that group wont like. Some people that really enjoy sci fi novels I think might really enjoy the story since it is a really good solid story.
Personal Rating: 4.5
Rating: 3.5

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  1. Yeah, let's not mention the extremely homosexual undertones, that's not necessary at all :P.