Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Past anime 11 Allison to Lillia

Sorry everyone for the really long delay. I some how lost 2-3 days in my mind dont know what happened there O.o.
Anyways Allison to Lillia is a simple nice anime with a good plot/flow. It takes place is a 1930s-1940s europe like place. The two main nations have been at war since before they could remember all over the stupid reason
of which country was first the two main characters are childhood friends that grew up together in an orphanige. The girl Allison is very loud and out going as where the boy Wilhem is quite and smart. It starts with Wilhem being at college helping teach a class when Allison shows up because shes on leave with the airforce. As they hang out then find something that isn't right and goes on an adventure to fix it!!

Well for me I enjoyed this anime alot. It was very relaxing, as in it was easy to watch the story wasn't too over done where you have to think but good enough to keep you wanting to watch more. The relationships between the characters is nicely done and is happy for the most part. So yeah if you want a nice easy to watch anime that wont make you sad heres a really good one xD. The only thing it lacks is that i think they should have another season

personal rating: 4
rating: 4

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  1. Aww, this sounds like a nice anime to watch. Sort of like historical. Not bad. ^^