Saturday, August 1, 2009

past anime 10 Berserk

ZOMG BERSERK!!! A must see for anyone that likes sword combat and GARness. The story and characters are also very solid. Now if you have problems with gore though you problemly wont enjoy this anime that much.

The main character Guts is a mercerany and after he finishs a contract with his employer he leaves and gets attacked by a mercerany group called the band of the hawk which he beats back all their best people besides their leader Griffith, which then Griffith gets Guts to join them. The story then is about the mercerany group and how badass Guts is. One thing about it though is its story is from a manga but the anime only is a part of the manga so if you enjoyed this anime you should then read the manga afterwards.

btw i have no idea why i couldnt come up with much to talk about with this one

Personal Rating: 4
Rating: 4


  1. ZOMG! :) I really like your blog, dude! Keep it up! :)

  2. ZOMG thanks kiyuri :D sorry about slacking recently i lost 2-3 days in my brain. Ill try catching up

  3. I don't like this anime, I think. Just based on how the characters look. -_- Judging a book by it's cover again.. x_x

  4. your problemly right but im not too sure what exactly you like and dont like even if you would like it a little bit im sure theirs alot more animes you would enjoy more so better to watch those instead of this anyways

  5. This is the anime version of one of the most acclaimed mangas of all time. Even though it only covers some volumes and ends on a cliffhanger (unless you read the manga afterwards like Andrew recommended), it's still a must watch.