Thursday, July 30, 2009

past anime 09 S-cry-ed

Ok Ill start off saying im having a hard time remembering every little detail so it wont be as detailed as some of my past post. This is also one of the few animes i watched dubbed which made it kinda hard for me at times since some of the voice actors were terrible but I some how go through it so its dubs arent the worst but imo go with the subs if your going to watch this.

So what is it about? Well this crazy geographical phenomen happened and after it new borns in that area gain an ability that lets me take matter around them and change it from thought and will. So this area became too hard for the government to control. So outside the only city it was like a lawless area where the people with this ability (alter users) were basicly in control. Although that changes when a organzation called HOLY from the city comes. This organzation is made up of alter users that decided to live in the city and work to making the area more peaceful. So they go and round up alter users that are using their powers to cause problems.

Well I did enjoy it myself but it wasn't anything amazing I thought. Although im not saying its not good. It was a little slow at first but it pick up pretty quickly so that part isn't too bad. The characters are pretty well made as well so that was a good part of the anime. Overall its a pretty good anime so if you think you might like it go ahead and watch it.

Personal Rating: 3.5
Rating: 4

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I will start adding ratings at the bottom of the review both personal and what I think the overall rating is taking my biases out and preferences out. They will be rated 1-5, 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. One day I might even add in the ratings as a label as the list gets longer oh well we will see

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

past anime 08 Gundam 00

OHHHHH A GUNDAM FINALLY!!!! Some of you might not know but im a HUGE gundam fan (watched all of them besides turn a and last half of V gundam). Normally I only really like U.C. gundams and any non U.C. gundam I look down on BUT Gundam OO is a exception its up there with ZZ and 0083 for me. As with clannad I will be doing season one and two together in the same post. One thing special about this gundam for me is that it is the first one that I watched as the episodes came out (well with season two not season one).

I'll start with a comparison of older gundams to this one. It doesn't have many similarities of any other gundam but it has some with Seed, wing, and Zeta. Which is only really their gundams, a small part of season twos plot, and kinda the pilots. It's kinda similar to gundam seed where each gundam is specialized for a certain job and its like pilots are kinda like Wing since each is very diverse, while not being in the military as well. The plot in season two is similar to Zetas just mostly because a Titan like organization comes to be and the gundam pilots fight it.

The story actually is in our time line and the nations are all still the same besides that most of the nations are divided basically in three factions the Union (basically north/south america+japan and Australia), the AEU (all of Europe) and The Reform League (basically most of asia). The reason for everyone joining factions of close regions is because fossil fuels ran out so they had to come up with a new way to get energy. Which they did by making a orbital ring of solar energy cells and the energy is transferred down three orbital elevators each one for each faction. So what about the nations not in a faction? well their mostly shit
of luck so they cause wars with a faction. So humanity is always doomed to fight each other BUT that's when the gundam pilots come in they believe they can end conflict and a 3rd party with their own over whelming force. They launch attacks against war starting nations and basically destroy their military then leave. Since the technology used in the gundams is several generations ahead of the worlds current military its not even fair. How you ask is it so advance? Well their gundams their automatically better!! (lol) The reason is a long time in the past a scientist decided to go to Jupiter (anything from Jupiter is over powered in gundam. they creators always love it for some reason O.o) and do research on something called the GN drive which is what makes the gundam so powerful. So thats the basic story for the first season, season two happens 4 years after the last battle in season one. The pilots in this time become much more muture and are more sure of their reason to fight. Also the fighting is quite as one sided as it was at the start of season one, which I like alot. By the way I liked season two alot more then season one.
So what did I think of it? Well some might think i might be a bit bised as I am a huge gundam fan BUT in reality I am normally pretty hard on gundams like I dont like Wing, Seed/destiny, V and I refuse to even taint my eyes with Turn A. Now i might be biased it being a mech anime!! lol So anyways I LOVED IT. It is one of my favorite gundams although at the start I was worried it was going to be like Seed or Wing but no it did xD. Well with the first episode of the main character as a kid being a child soldier and watching his friend get killed and him running for his life with a assault rifle in his hands kinda shows from the start that its a very serious anime. Anyways as for the plot goes its good it kinda has this feel of were going to stop all wars which Im not really into that much but its not over done. For the speed of the anime, it was a pretty steady speed not really any wasted episodes. Their were some slow episodes but I could only really call them slow since I was having to wait for next week for the next one so the slow ones seemed slower then they really were. As it goes with character design for season one the characters were well done but some of them weren't that great but in season two those characters really jumped up and by then I liked all the main characters. Each having their own reasons to fight which they hold dear in their hearts which gives them strength to fight the enemies ahead.

Personal rating: 5
Rating: 4

Past anime 07 Clannad+after story

So to start this off im just going to do clannad and clannad after story in the same post since their both the same story just differnt seasons and the after story is the after story of the visul noval which the anime is based off. So before I start anything else the visul noval was made from Key WHICH MEANS there are very sad parts in it like VERY because thats how Key rolls, they like making people cry. Now dont let that discourge you It is a really good anime and their are very touching moments and on top of that they have ALOT of comedy in it, well atleast in season 1.

So whats it about????? Its about japanese school life ZOMG!!! lol anyways thats aside Tomoya (yes i had to go to wikipedia to remember how to spell his name leave me alone) the main character is a delinquent and skips school alot and fights a lot. In his last year of school he some how gets six girls to all have crushs on him lucky bastard >.>. The female character types are pretty stantard with this type of anime/visuel noval. You have the sickly girl, the tra
matic past girl, the loli girl (perverted japanese >.>), the girl that beats the main character up, the shy girl, the homely/student conincel girl. So during the anime it shows how these girls help him to stop being a delinquent and how how shut off his heart is since for a long ass time as the girls throw themselves at him hes ethier like Eh? or too dense to notice. Also one of the best parts of the anime is his best friend Youhei Sunohara is really great comedic relif
for the anime.

So how did I like it? I really enjoyed it i thought it was really funny very touching at times. The characters were really well done. The only main problem I had was the main girl that he ended up with, I really didnt like her >.> but thats just me. As for season two I didnt really enjoy it as much as season one. It's more serious sadier and not as funny. Also it focus on the main chick that I dont like soooo yeah BUT alot of people did enjoy it alot so its not bad its just differnt.

Personal Rating: 4
Rating: 4

Monday, July 27, 2009

Past anime 06 Full metal alchemist

Sorry everyone for taking so long for the next one was busy with fixing my computer and playing games and stuff...ill try to make it up today by post 2-3 if i can. ANYWAYS that aside time to talk about Full Metal Alchemist. Definitely a really good anime it kinda slow at the start. Ive tired starting it a number of times but either something happened to my PC or my friends PC or something that ive had to re watch the start too many times and thats why I didn't want to try watching it all the way through since the start was really boring to me. After a good shot though I will say this is a very good anime.
It's about these two brothers who live in a world where alchemy surpassed technology unlike our world. Their mom dies leaving them alone since their dad left when they were younger. So they go to become alchemist to try and bring their mom back to life by using equal exchange. They fail and have to live with cursed bodies. So th
ey go off to find the Sorcerers stone to be able to get their bodies back. The sorcerers stone is actually a myth in real life to back when alchemy was practiced said to turn lead into gold and many other alchemy impossibilities. Of course alch
emy in the anime is closer to magic but their is always equal exchange but the sorcerers stone lets you ignore equal exchange.

I thought it was really cool how they did the fighting in this anime. Since it was about using materials and elements around them and changing them to be weapons or forces. Like changing around the air particles so when a spark would start fire in the air. Also the characters are really well done like Ed is a really cool character and he had alot of comic relif with him getting so upset about being short. His relationship with his brother is also really good i think it really helped make the anime better with that and since their brothers they didn't do yaoi fangirl bait with it so that made me also happy xD.

Personal Rating: 4
Rating: 4

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hetalia: Axis Powers

Axis powers is a historical comedy, playing on the stereotypes of nations and making fun of them. Each country is represent by a single character and that characters name is their countries name. Which personally I love it and find it funny as hell. It's set in WWI-WWII with Italy, Germany and Japan as the main characters. Some times they go back to countries pasts like Revolutionary war and Italy being conquered. Most of the time its there just to poke fun at nations but sometimes it has history about nations that you can learn about.

I personally love this anime I think its extremly funny and I enjoy the history tidbits. Although I love history and country sterotypes I also think is very funny sooo I might be a bit biased on this anime. With each episode only being 5 minutes long though watching all 26 that are out at the moment isn't that much of a waste of time. So thouse that want a good laugh and learn a thing or two they might not know about other countries might want to check this out. Their only 5 minutes (counting intro/credits) so watching them doesn't take much out of your day :D.

Personal rating: 4
Rating: 4

Friday, July 24, 2009

Past anime 05 Toradora

WEEEE finally a anime I enjoyed alot xD. Yeah after doing Aquarion and glass fleet its a welcome change.
So what is it about you ask? It's a slice of life romance
comedy much like clannad but with less girls and the main
guy is a clean freak and likes a girl from the start.
Personally I liked it more the clannad, why you ask?
Part of it might be because I really didnt liked season 2
of clannad BUT, a large part of it is because this story
is more focused on just the main guy and main girl.
Instead of clannads jumping
around love intrests. Also
Taiga > Nagisa, much funnier of a character and not sickly.
Only problem with her is shes loli bait :( lol.

One of the major parts of this anime is how much they play
comedy in it and how they balance it with the drama and
romance. There was always a good balance never too
much or too little of one or the other, besides near the end
where the romance ofcourse is more the slant. The
characters are also amazing well made. None of their are you standard romance characters.
Sure some of them are similar to the standard character builds, like how Taiga is a loli but
instead of the normal energetic little girl shes the abusive kind and Ryuji although has the delinquent thing at the start he really isn't and a clean freak that does all the house work. So all that was refreshing and made it feel more realistic by having characters outside the norm. As for the story/plot I really enjoyed it and it had good pacing for anyone that remotely likes this kind of anime go watch it now it is really worth your time.

Personal Rating: 5
Rating: 5

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Past anime 04 Glass Fleet

YAY GLASS FLEET i've been really wanting to do this one for a long time!!!!..........not really in fact this is going to be painful. So how should I put it, well watching this anime was painful. I dont know how I was able to finish it. I guess I really didnt have anything else to do. What made me want to watch this was i was hoping it would be like banner of the stars BUT it wasnt really. The animations were good but combat was dry and the romance they put in it wasnt that good. On top of it the main villian liked little boys and it was very odd. Oh and the dubs are really bad so watch it sub if you ever are going to.

So the story goes like this the old empire ruling over their galxey falls and then its split into two so then the two halfs fight. The side with the guy that likes little boys wins. So then his side starts repressing the masses and elvating the noblity more so then a peoples rebellion starts and the story is focused on the leader of the rebellion. Theirs also a crazy fantical church in the anime as well just to add some flavor you know!!!

Sooo final thoughts if you have nothing else better to do and want a space anime with a guy that likes little boys and a girly guy main character about people trying to overthrow royality then go ahead if not their is alot better animes to waste your time on.

Personal Rating: 2
Rating: 3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

past anime 03 Aquarion

Ah Aquarion where should I start....well first off its really werid and the first couple of episodes are kinda confusing. It has the whole ZOMG ANGELS ARE ENSLAVING HUMANS OHHH NOESSS. So it was reminding me a lot of Evangelion but without the whole super emo stuff and
mind crazy stuff. Besides that it has this whole past life stuff that at first they dont really
explain it to you sofor awhile your left in the dark while trying to figure it out.For the story
it kinda goes like this the shadow angels enslave humans for source of food or power, they
dont really explain what it is they get from the enslave thingy or they did and I forgot but they
do need it. So one day Solar Wing one of the shadow angels goes to earth and falls in love
with a human and changes sides to fight the shadow angels and seals them away.
12,000 years later though they come back which is the time the anime is at.

So what do I think about the anime? To be honest I didnt like it too much. The beginning was hard to get into.
I only really got through the hard part because I didnt have anything else better to do. The characters I didnt
like the main main characters. My favorite were actually the minor ones. Apollo though is a pretty decent one
since hes so different but siliva(main girl) i hated through out the whole thing and her brother to.

For the combat it was pretty cool how it was different depending on the pilots at the time and what order they went in
but still I think more could have been done and some of the over the top moves just didnt make sense for a mech
to be able to do. It is a super mech series so its to be expected. Overall it wasnt anything special but wasnt too bad.

Personal Rating: 3
Rating: 3.5

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Past anime 02 Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry

First off surprisingly this is a mech anime with a girl main character that is a serious. I know right its crazy!!! Which when I started watching it I didnt know if i would like that. Although at the time I didnt have much else to do so i gave it a chance and which i started to enjoy it. The only main problem i had with the main character is she had the japanese female problem of being obsessed with her older brother. You hear oni chan more times then you wish to hear in your life watching this anime because another chick in the anime is also crazy about her older brother. I know right its great!!...not really ANYWAYS besides that and a slight weirdness with a doll its a pretty solid 13 anime series.

Wee time for my favorite part explaining what its about....not really >.>. SOOO...(goes to Wikipedia to look up how to spell and remember names) Ralph Werec, Sara Werec's(main character) older brother leaves her to join the military and she gets all emo and cries and then when shes old enough joins the military to be a strain pilot. Which they use a werid system of control and movement system for mechs. its kinda similar to zone of the enders mechs in the fact they dont actually walk but more as float constantly and extremely nimble/fast. At her training base she is one of their best trainees which strain piloting runs in her family and has a good group of friends but then her base is attacked by the enemy and they find out that Ralph Werec changed sides and is the one attacking.(happens all in the first episode so im not spoiling anything) So Sara goes crazy and tries to find out why he did it and wants to stop him.

Overall it was a pretty good anime nothing really amazing but it is only 13 episodes and their isnt anything really wrong with it so no real reason not to watch it if your a mech anime fan but its low amount of romance and few comedy parts makes it harder for non mech fans to watch.

Personal Rating: 4
Rating: 4

past anime 01 jyu-oh-sei

WEEE time for my frist anime that I have to think back to xD. Ok Jyu is an amazing anime, it is actually up there with my favorite last exile. I happen to just randomly find it thankfully xD.

What its about is humanity strechs to another solar system and teraformed the planets there to allow humans to live there and also live in space stations. In one of these stations lives Thor and his twin brother
Rai. As they make their way home from playing around they find their parents killed and then they are knocked out and find themselves being sent to a mysterious jungle prison planet. They find out the only way to get off the planet is to because the beast king which is basically the strongest person on the planet. So Thor wants to become it to find out what happened with his parents.

This anime reminded me alot of star ocean 2 while watching it. The first episode is a little slow though but after that it really picks up fast. Before i knew i was finished with it, although it was only 11 episodes, they were really well done 11 episodes. I think they could have don more episodes and it would have been just as good if not better but as it is its amazing on its own. What really makes this anime is how amazing of a character thor is and how he grows to be an amazing fighter and leader. To top it all off I think the makers did a really good ending all though some people might disagree with me but as it goes for quality of the ending I think it was really good and on top it being not at all what I thought it would be.

Personal Rating: 5
Rating: 4.5

Currently watching/Trying to watch 01!!!

SOOOOOO after watching Eden of the east and chrome shell regios extremely fast i've had to find new animes which was hard I was trying to watch Linebarrel of Iron and Blade the Immortal. Both of which arent bad but Linebarrel has alot of embarrassing comedy which is funny but makes it hard to watch at times for me. Besides that in terms of mecha anime hes alright kinda similar to Aquarion in terms of combat. although ive only watched up to episode 8 i think so can't judge too much. For blade the immortal reminds me of Shigurui: Death Frenzy with the whole feudal japan and with the dojos.
The fighting in it look really well done. I just atm cant get into it that much but all in all its seemed pretty good.

Good news though because while browsing for a better anime I found otaku, no video on youtube. what is that you ask? it these two guys that do videos on youtube/podcast doing reviews of anime and tells you what they think of them giving you a clear indication of if their good or not and why. Heres a link to it So with the help of their reviews I found Guin Saga and 07 ghost which are the 2 im watching atm. Both of which ive enjoyed alot more then linebarrel and immortal. guin is kinda like record of the lodass wars a bit and 07 ghost is kinda hard to put my finger on. Its about a kid that lost his memory and was a slave but then joined the military and trying to graduate the magicish military section. He also has a best friend he made and their relationship borderlines on brotherly love to yaoi SOO you yaoi fans might enjoy that xD. ANYWAYS thats all i have for now ill keep updating and adding animes i finished in the past.

Chrome Shelled Regios

This anime I enjoyed a lot infact i enjoyed it so much i finished all 24 episodes in a day. Yeah I know being unemployed leaves you with alot of free time. ANYWAYS to start off ill say I be kind of bised since this is the type of anime I enjoy a lot just with out mechs but oh well. Ok so its one of the world isnt hostible by humans anymore and people live in dome cities that move and monsters are out to kill people. That aside the city that the anime is in is a acdmany city and the city is run by the students there. Although the acdmany isn't just for reading and math its also for the military artes. Which the military artes is what humans use to defend themselfs from the monsters. So for the military artes students they find them selfs in platoons and these platoons work together and have matchs against another platoons like capture the flag.

SO the reasons I like this anime is because it has high action but in between the action their is alot of romantic comedy and a lot of good character building. Another cool thing is the main character starts off being really good instead of being a pansy with hidden deep powers. The weapons are also really cool I like the fact that each characters has their own style expressed in the weapons.

Overall its very well made anime the only problems I have with it is the end is kinda rushed and they didn't finish up enough of the plot I think. Now if the make another season I will be very happy and look for to it. So if your an action anime fan go ahead and watch if not you still might find it enjoyable with the comedy and story.

Personal Rating: 5
Rating: 4

Eden of the East

Well the first thing I would like to say about this is it was AMAZINGLY GOOD. The plot was really well done the flow is great, the pace fast and characters well done. Its also an anime that I think alot of people could enjoy. It isn't slanted into any one way that much. So people that dont really really like action anime might enjoy this. While maybe people that like only seeing stuff blow up might not like its low action BUT its high speed pace might keep them interested long enough for the end since its only 11 episodes.

Some problems though is it being realistic some stuff just goes of non Japanese peoples head. As they talk about NEETs a lot which I didn't know what it was for a long time just guessing it was a part of the series and they would explain it but its a Japanese term for not employed, education or training, some fansubs might explain it but the one I was using didn't.

Anyways its high speed pace and with its constant mystery of whats really going on since the main character erased his own memory. Really pushs you to keep watching to try and find out why he did it and if he really is a bad guy or not.

Personal Rating: 4.5
Rating: 5

Bleach (on going up to 226 will write more about later)

Well it was a long road to get all the way up in bleach but i did it!!! My thoughts on it are, that the filler episodes really bring down the series but besides that I found it entertaining but not anywhere close to my favorite anime. The combat at times is very good but predictable. All in all if you have alot of free time on your hands *cough* like me and you like action animes then its good to get into. Theirs alot of room for it to keep growing and alot of unanswered parts in it so it will keep being good it seems.

I like the characters a lot problemly one of the main reasons I kept watching it. Ichigo is a well done main character I think all though the whole protect everyone is kinda generic I think his character does really well with it. Uryu Ishida is another character I liked a lot just because its the kind of character I like and hes the only main character thats ranged so it makes him unique.

Personal Rating: 3.5
Rating: 4