Monday, July 27, 2009

Past anime 06 Full metal alchemist

Sorry everyone for taking so long for the next one was busy with fixing my computer and playing games and stuff...ill try to make it up today by post 2-3 if i can. ANYWAYS that aside time to talk about Full Metal Alchemist. Definitely a really good anime it kinda slow at the start. Ive tired starting it a number of times but either something happened to my PC or my friends PC or something that ive had to re watch the start too many times and thats why I didn't want to try watching it all the way through since the start was really boring to me. After a good shot though I will say this is a very good anime.
It's about these two brothers who live in a world where alchemy surpassed technology unlike our world. Their mom dies leaving them alone since their dad left when they were younger. So they go to become alchemist to try and bring their mom back to life by using equal exchange. They fail and have to live with cursed bodies. So th
ey go off to find the Sorcerers stone to be able to get their bodies back. The sorcerers stone is actually a myth in real life to back when alchemy was practiced said to turn lead into gold and many other alchemy impossibilities. Of course alch
emy in the anime is closer to magic but their is always equal exchange but the sorcerers stone lets you ignore equal exchange.

I thought it was really cool how they did the fighting in this anime. Since it was about using materials and elements around them and changing them to be weapons or forces. Like changing around the air particles so when a spark would start fire in the air. Also the characters are really well done like Ed is a really cool character and he had alot of comic relif with him getting so upset about being short. His relationship with his brother is also really good i think it really helped make the anime better with that and since their brothers they didn't do yaoi fangirl bait with it so that made me also happy xD.

Personal Rating: 4
Rating: 4


  1. I really like FMA and I especially like the new Brotherhood series!

  2. yeah i think ill try watching the new one again i stopped on episode 5 and was waiting for more episodes since the story was mostly the same at that part of the anime

  3. Second season kind of draaaagged.