Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bleach (on going up to 226 will write more about later)

Well it was a long road to get all the way up in bleach but i did it!!! My thoughts on it are, that the filler episodes really bring down the series but besides that I found it entertaining but not anywhere close to my favorite anime. The combat at times is very good but predictable. All in all if you have alot of free time on your hands *cough* like me and you like action animes then its good to get into. Theirs alot of room for it to keep growing and alot of unanswered parts in it so it will keep being good it seems.

I like the characters a lot problemly one of the main reasons I kept watching it. Ichigo is a well done main character I think all though the whole protect everyone is kinda generic I think his character does really well with it. Uryu Ishida is another character I liked a lot just because its the kind of character I like and hes the only main character thats ranged so it makes him unique.

Personal Rating: 3.5
Rating: 4


  1. You like Ishida? What's wrong with you, Andrew?

  2. hes a archer how can i not like him?