Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chrome Shelled Regios

This anime I enjoyed a lot infact i enjoyed it so much i finished all 24 episodes in a day. Yeah I know being unemployed leaves you with alot of free time. ANYWAYS to start off ill say I be kind of bised since this is the type of anime I enjoy a lot just with out mechs but oh well. Ok so its one of the world isnt hostible by humans anymore and people live in dome cities that move and monsters are out to kill people. That aside the city that the anime is in is a acdmany city and the city is run by the students there. Although the acdmany isn't just for reading and math its also for the military artes. Which the military artes is what humans use to defend themselfs from the monsters. So for the military artes students they find them selfs in platoons and these platoons work together and have matchs against another platoons like capture the flag.

SO the reasons I like this anime is because it has high action but in between the action their is alot of romantic comedy and a lot of good character building. Another cool thing is the main character starts off being really good instead of being a pansy with hidden deep powers. The weapons are also really cool I like the fact that each characters has their own style expressed in the weapons.

Overall its very well made anime the only problems I have with it is the end is kinda rushed and they didn't finish up enough of the plot I think. Now if the make another season I will be very happy and look for to it. So if your an action anime fan go ahead and watch if not you still might find it enjoyable with the comedy and story.

Personal Rating: 5
Rating: 4

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  1. Totally not rushed, because they totally meant it to have a second season. P.S.: Still wtfing over the engrish scenes.