Saturday, August 8, 2009

Past anime 13 Fate/stay Night

Ah Fate/stay night one of my favorite animes. It's about a secert magic war that happens in a area in Japan. It's called the Holy Grail War and the winner of the war gets the holy grail which will grant any wish the to winner. Seven magicans are in the war and each one of them summons a hero servant from the past, present or future. Their are seven class for the servants Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Berserker, Assassin, and Rider. Their can only be one of each class per Holy Grail War, so that makes it more balanced so each magican can play against the other classes weaknesses. The main character Emyia Shirou is a amateur magican and accidentally summons a servant and joins the war. Unlike most masters he treats his servant like a real human and is a very noble person not wanting to kill any innocent people. He fights to end the Holy Grail War so innocent people wont die and also for his servant that wants the holy grail.

I personally really liked it, the story is really well done and its flow is nicely done to. The characters are really nicely done and develop nicely. The romance is nice and a little touching at times. It's more focused on the story and characters relationships then action, so even people don't like alot of action might enjoy this. Personally I say even if your only mildy interested in this anime I think you should give it a shot it really is a good anime.

Personal Rating: 5
Rating: 4.5


  1. Ive never heard of this anime! Sounds cool! Oh... I wanted to tell you.... ZOMG!

  2. The backgrounds about the character known as Archer isn't revealed in the anime version, so for that I would check Wikipedia on the original game that this is based on :P. Just general knowledge. Also, Andrew, way to not talk about his tracing ability, lame-o.