Monday, September 14, 2009

To Aru Majutsu no Index

WOW sorry for the huge delay got into one of my huge gaming sprees >.> me and kai bought too many games recently and have been stuck playing them. Also didn't really feel like making a post about many of the recent animes ive watched.

ANYWAYS on to no index, first off I LOVED THIS ANIME. It was funny as shit and also and its really badass moments. Basicly its like our world but with a few differnt things as in magic is real and they're espers all over the place...yeah just a small differnce. So anyways the main character Toma live in the acdmany city which is basicly a city of schools were most of the cities inhabitants are espers. The thing is hes a really low ranking esper although his right hand has the ability to cancel ANY magical, esper or divine power by just touching it, BUT by doing this he also passivly cancels out any good luck so he constantly
has bad things happen to him. So one day he finds this girl thats part of the church of england that has impinted in her brain all of the sealed magic tomes that the church decided were too dangrous but didnt want to destroy. Although because of that huge collection of knowlege in her she has to have her memory erased every year to protect the tomes and her life. So Toma has to find a way to fix it and many other things :D.

Like i said before I loved this anime. I really enjoyed every bit of it, i just cant wait for the next season to come out although I know if its a side season or if its going to keep the story going. I really liked Toma I think he might be one of my new favorite main characters. Hes not too over the top badass and hes funny as shit got to love that
combation xD. The rest are all pretty good the loli teacher though takes a bit getting used to and your always like....why does she look like shes 10 years old.

Rating: 4.5
Personal: 5.0!!

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