Tuesday, September 15, 2009


WELLL this is anime I enjoyed. It's a really nice fantasy anime that although doesnt have the most amazing action ever does deliver it quite well. It's alot like Tears to Tiara (an anime still being made although almost finished) just with out the super badass fights, and the main character isnt as badass. The interactions between the characters is what really pulls this anime together. Its also a serious anime with people dying in it quite regularly not as much as in some of the more extreme animes but this is not just a happy go lucky anime. Their is a fair bit of humor in the anime but not enough to be on the level of an actually comedy but its enough to lighten up the anime and make it easier to watch.

Well I really enjoyed the majority of this anime. Its a type of anime I really enjoy watching, sure I always say I love mech animes and military ones but ones like these i also throughly enjoy quite a lot. It can be some times seemed as a harem anime but I dont think it is since its just like that because its based off an H game (ofcourse no h in the anime) but that is why their are so many differnt girls. Just because in the game ofcourse you could have chossen which ever girl you wanted to be with. Although the pace can be a little slow at some parts over all though its very easy to watch most of it. So anyways it has a really good feeling to it, and I it's really nicely made espeically for thouse that enjoy this kind of anime.

Personal: 4.5
rating: 4

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  1. HEY DUDE! ZOMG! Good to see you blogging again! As usual, I have no idea about this anime but is sounds like a good one!

    Keep up the reviews! *huggles*